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3/24/10 10:54 am - belialolita - !~!~!

gyaru_life RULES for posting!!

1. all posts have to be friends only. lock them before you click 'submit'
2. MAXIMAL use of foul language...yes, maximal.
3. no fake gals! we have ways of knowing, so suck it up.
C+C :if you don't have something constructive to say, don't be destructive.
have fun and make new friends!

this site is for showing us your GAL LIFE!
there are no restrictions to what you can post,
but pics are always welcome ;)

7/21/07 12:18 am - cawaii109 - OK my turn!!

Name: Ashley
Nickname: Ashuri~tan (or just Ashuri)

style:I was ganguro but now I'm onee-gal

Likes:Shopping,para-para,techpara,trapara,my celly,expensive sunglasses,stilettos,leopard-print, pink, black

Dislikes:liers,fake ppl, spiders, romance movies, country music, a bad hair day, sneakers, ppl who are TOO low-matinence

7/19/07 03:23 pm - usagii_pyon

Uhm .. hey! x3

Name~ Jessica
Nickname~ Bunnii//Usagi
Style~ Well I've really become interested in the Ganguro style... but I don't see myself with such extreme makeup .. So maybe that would make me a Ganjiro? ^^;
Likes~Cake! // The color PINKKK! // Shopping // Dancing//TokiDoki!!
Dislikes~Stuck up people // the dark // waking up eairly D=
If we were to peek into your life, we would see~ A very hyper girl that just wants to live freely but can't because she is chained down by her parents -.-; 

Sorry about posting the images up directly, I'm new so I'm not sure how to make it into a thingy that you can just click ^^;

7/18/07 06:23 pm - maskedfraulein

name: Marilyn

nickname: Britney

style: Hime (classic and casual), ganjiro

likes: Animals, shopping, fashion, sex, the usual...

dislikes: Haters, fake people, fake gals

if we were to peek into your life, we would see: A slightly lonely gal, who goes to school and is obsessed with buying things
I have 2 dogs and a cat and look after them, because I don't have a job yet (I'm looking for one though). I'm a fan of anime so it's all over my room in various forms.


7/17/07 05:41 pm - maskedfraulein - Heyyyyy Y'all!!

I'm a hime gyaru and ganjiro when I feel like it! Hope you like me!

7/17/07 10:33 pm - yarimanbooteek


Me hopes u loveiz dem to LOL...*sori for spazzy speak*

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